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The platform for outstanding sperm donors, AI-empowered
How come?
We help people to make more babies, and outstanding donors will inspire others to donate. So, each woman will have a father to a child
GeniusX is the potential salvation
We love people and want humankind to live forever. But experts, including Elon Musk, warn that fertility rates around the world are collapsing and will soon hit a critical 2.1 threshold when there are not enough newborns to replace dying seniors. Thus, humanity can go extinct in around 2500.
But it is no fate
Mankind, come with us, if you want to live!
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Envision the immense potential you can unlock over the next 20-30 years by harnessing the collective brilliance of your offspring
Your genes can save the world! This is the most precious gift you can leave to humanity
You can bring boundless joy to women's lives, earning their eternal appreciation
Imagine witnessing the milestones of the kids' life - first words, first steps, first days in school!
have a large number of heirs, without legal and material obligations. When you make the donation through
a clinic you are protected by law in all 50 states
Our company, in cooperation with the best clinics, ensures a simple and fast donation process. We care about every future baby and every future mother
It's safe
It's simple
Mobile app
Tinder-style app where you can choose future moms according to your parameters (height, age, location, education) by swiping right and left in the comfort of your home
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AI functions
Generation of a photo of your future child using photos of both parents
Minimizing risks of orphan diseases using genomic analysis
Providing coaching support to the future mothers throughout the pregnancy process
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