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The best sperm donors of the world
The best sperm donors of the world 2023

GeniusX - the platform for outstanding sperm donors - offers a solution to the problem of finding a sperm donor you can trust. We have prepared a list of the world's best sperm donors for the year 2023. Our list includes only proven men with great genetics, outstanding achievements and ready to help a woman realize her dream of motherhood!

Here they come, leaders, achievers, babymakers!
The Best Sperm Donors of 2023:

An M., New York, USA
Degree in finance. Career in top investment banks and artificial intelligence. Travels to recipients for free.

Andrew R., Washington, USA
Member of an ultra-high IQ society, very social, tall. Runs marathons and ultramarathons.

Alex R., Florida, USA
Founder of two companies, machine learning architect for Fortune 500 clients, silver medalist in worldwide AI competition, master's degree with honors in computer science.

Dan J., Minnesota, USA
Degree in engineering, pilot's license, high IQ.

Dima G. Florida, USA
Tall, blue eyes, handsome. Professional in Information Technology. Lead Creative position in a top-tier company, garnering awards for creativity and leadership. Multiple awards in sports.

Joe R., Southern Michigan, USA
Elite endurance athlete, represented the U.S. in international competition, musically talented.

Simon W., Houghton Regis, United Kingdom.
The most popular donor in Europe, has a BBC documentary about him.

Slavik I., Florida, USA
YouTube influencer, book author, founder of several IT projects and a crypto community, investor, winner of Olympiads in physics and math.

Neil A., Florida, USA
Social media influencer with over half a million followers, reality show participant. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Master's degree in Marketing. Works with major production companies.
Musically talented, plays 7 instruments, has been doing 4 sports for 7 years, skydiver.

Torem Z., Tel-Aviv, Israel
The most popular donor in Israel. Diagnosed as gifted at the age of 7 through nationwide testing. Scored in the top 0.25% on the Israeli SAT test. Graduated with a double degree in Law and Psychology from the Hebrew University and turned to work in technology

Trevaughn R., Brooklyn, USA
Author of three successful books, student, art lover and enthusiast.

Will R. Florida/California, USA
High IQ, very high sperm count (10x average), great family, award-winning business event host. Master's degree in business administration. Started reading, counting, calculating, and playing chess at a very young age. Was a competitive athlete as a teenager, winning medals.

Thank you to all donors of the world, especially to the best donors from this list, for your noble help, for creating new lives, for making women happy and for saving humanity from extinction!

We will be happy to help you get in touch with the best donors in the world